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Monday, July 06, 2009

Saving Money At Disney On Food


A great way to save money at Disney is to bring your own groceries. Even if you don't have a kitchen in your hotel room, you can still bring plenty to eat.

The best meal to eat in your room is breakfast. There are so many convenient breakfast foods you could bring. Poptarts, breakfast bars, breakfast cookies, fruit, etc. etc. By eating breakfast in your room, you could save your family of four $30 a day (compared to the cost of eating in the food court).

Another major money pit in Disney is bottled water. They charge anywhere from $2.50 to $4 for a bottle of water. You can bring a whole case of water for that price. (Another tip is you can get free cups of ice water in the parks. Just visit any restaurant or snack place that serves fountain soda and you can ask for a cup of ice water for free!)

Also consider some snacks that you could take into the parks with you to save money. The possibilities are endless. (Just nothing that will melt in the Florida heat.)

Here is a listing of all the grocery stores in the area.

If you are unable to transport groceries and have no access or desire to go to the grocery store once at Disney World, there are a few options.

1. Garden Grocer - They deliver groceries directly to your hotel. They fees are not that high compared to the savings it will bring.

2. We Go Shop is another grocery delivery service in Orlando.

Here is a Dis thread about the two services.

3. Costco will deliver water to your hotel room. If you have a membership, order your water online 7 days before you leave. Put the address of the resort and your name and "hold for (check in date)" on the second address line. See Dis thread here.

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