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Thursday, July 02, 2009

To Hop Or Not To Hop


One thing you need to consider when preparing to purchase your Disney tickets, is if you want the option to visit more than one park a day. Disney calls this the Park Hopper option. It costs $50 extra per ticket but is a one time fee that is good for the entire length of your stay.

The obvious bargain hunting option is to forgo this choice. Staying at one park all day long is a great choice for a lot of people. It all comes down to what is important to you.

We purchased the Park Hopper option. We hopped 3 out of the 8 days that we were there. But it was nice to have the option of being able to leave one park to go to another if it was overcrowded or not where we decided we wanted to be. I would definitely purchase this option again.

Read more about Park Hopper here, here and here.


Jolene said...

HI! I was reading thru your blog and realized u have a link to sagbucks? I havejust recently started using them and wondered if u knew how long it takes to ship from them once u win soemthing? Like I exchanged points in for a $5 GC for Amazon and it says it was shipped on the 26th and it still is not here? Just wondering..THanks :)

Kristin said...


It took my giftcard about 10 days to show up in my account. Go to your swag acct and look under your giftcards and see if it's there yet. Amazon is a virtual giftcard.

HTH! Thanks for reading my blog!

momstheword said...

Just visiting from the McLinky Blog Hop.

We love to go to Disney World and we try to save up to go for two weeks. It usually takes about four years.

We have a Disney credit card and we use it to cover certain purchases where we can. We pay it off right away, and in turn we gain Disney dollars to spend in the park.

Last trip we had about $500 Disney dollars to spend in the park on food or mechandise or however we wanted. In a sense it was free money, because we used and paid off the credit card.

I use a pricebook, we save on our cell phones (we pay $20 every 3 months for two phones) but I don't coupon as much as I should. I really need to do more of it, your deals are amazing!

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