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Monday, August 03, 2009

Complaints About A Product


If you are ever dissatisfied about a product, make sure you call them to let you know. Over the weekend, I bought a bag of Banquet Nuggets and when I went to open it, it ripped down the side. Some of the nuggets fell in the floor! So I called them today and they are sending out a replacement coupon.

I only call when I have a legitimate complaint. I recently got 3 $5 Kashi coupons because my Kashi pizza was missing some cheese. I got a free tube of Colgate because mine had expired and I didn't know it until they translated the coded expiration date for me. And I got a $14 reimbursement check from Tyson because my bag of wings had unfrozen and refroze in the bag causing them to be lumped together.

It's worth it to call if you have any trouble!


Kristin said...

I guess I'm a little lost but how can a pizza be missing some cheese? :-) Did it just not have enough or something? I need to start doing this more often, because the last time I contacted Glade I got 4 free item coupons.

Kristin said...

It was missing half of it's cheese. Like there were spots of the pizza that had no cheese on it. It was very weird. :)

The 5 A Day is so awesome because 7/10 times you get coupons! I love it!

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