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Monday, September 28, 2009

My eventful day

I had really great plans today. I had made myself a nice schedule/to do list and things were going according to plan.... until the smoke detectors went off!!

Every smoke detector in the house started going off at the same time (except for the 1 hooked into the alarm system). I knew the house wasn't on fire, but I could not get the smoke detectors to stop. I was really worried since they were all going off at once. So I called the non emergency number and told the dispatcher my issue. She said to go ahead and get out of the house and she would send the fire department just to be sure. Within 2 minutes

2 fire trucks
1 fire ambulance
1 fire department SUV
The fire chief
2 police cars

were at my house! (I live in a small town and there was nothing better to do. The police men were visiting with the police chief in my front yard.)

It turns out that my smoke detectors (aside from the one with the alarm system) are all wired together through the attic and the one in my daughter's bedroom became defective. It thought the house was on fire and it caused all of the smoke detectors to go off. So now I have to buy a new detector.

But now I know all my detectors are wired together (I had no clue why they were all going off! I thought they were independent) and I have peace of mind. Plus my son had a great time looking at all the emergency vehicles and I bet my neighbors were all staring out the window for the hour or so they were here.

Not long after the fire department left, the librarian with our local library called. She heard from someone who heard from someone who goes to our church that I use coupons. So she wants me to teach a course at the library. I am so excited! I'll let you know more about that as we work out all the details.

So there you have it. My busy, eventful day.

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