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Sunday, October 11, 2009

75 Days until Christmas!! Get ready!

Christmas is approaching so fast. I remember last Christmas like it was last week and now its almost time to lug the heavy tree out of the attic and string the lights. What fun. ;)

Last year, I got so many amazing bargains for the kid's gifts on My favorite deal was Butterscotch the Pony for just $100 from Amazon (It's currently $239!) Amazon had tons of hot deals last year starting around Black Friday. Toys went dirt cheap so be sure to save all your receipts for toys you buy in the store because there is a great chance it's going to go cheaper on Amazon! I'll be sure to post every single one on here as I find it!

So what can you do to save for Christmas? I'm using Swagbucks to add funds to my account. (We are having an Amazon Christmas!) I also don't plan to buy gifts for my family but instead give them gift baskets (see ideas here) of bargains I have gotten during the year. (I did this last year and they loved it!)

I will be sharing anything and everything I find with you that might cut down on your Christmas expenses this year.

Get in the mood with free holiday music from Glade! It's going to get festive around here!

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