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Monday, October 12, 2009

The Elusive Pin Code from Disney

Disney has exclusive discounts for your vacation they issue called PINs. (It's referred to as a PIN code because there is a pin number attached to the offer.) No one knows for sure how you get on the PIN list, but they suggest that you sign up for all the different freebies that Disney offers just in case.

Disney Vacation DVD (Will change in 2010)

Disney Customized Maps (I am creating these today. I just highlighted all the rides we did on our 2009 trip.)

Also try creating an account at and saving your family's information (like birthday's) and vacation dates.

So that covered, let's talk a little more about PINs. I received my first ever PIN last week. The PIN is a code that is attached to your name. You can not transfer it, it is exclusive to you and your family. You can book up to 3 rooms/trips with the PIN code though. I received the PIN in an email titled "A Magical Disney Deal, (last name) Family" and I found it in my spam folder!

The offer is only good 4/11/09 to 6/3/09 and I have until 10/24 to book it. 5 separate offers were emailed to people. I received #2.

1. 5 night/ 6 day package $743 pp/ double occupancy for a Moderate Resort, PLUS a $500 Disney gift card.

2. 30% off at a value, 35% at a moderate and 40% at a deluxe.

3. purchase 5 night/6 day package that includes accommodations and theme park tickets at a Disney Value Resort and get 2 more nights with tickets free. $556 per adult double occupancy.

4. 5 days/6 nights with park hopper passes at a value resort for $491 per adult double occupancy

5. 5 nights, 6 days in Value Resort, 6 day tickets, and quick service dining plan - $721/adult. Kids are free (per one paying adult I believe).

PIN codes are emailed infrequently for a variety of dates. (I currently know of PINs being offered for this Christmas season and next summer.) The offers vary drastically too. Sometimes it's free dining before it's offered to the public, discounts on just your hotel room, etc. There is really no telling when or what you will get. You can always call Disney at (407) 939-7675 to see if their is a PIN attached to your name.

You can go ahead and make a reservation with your PIN even if you aren't 100% sure you want to use it. You are just required to pay a deposit. And if a better deal comes out between now and then, you can call and change your reservation to reflect the new special. (There is a penalty if it is within 45 days of your arrival date.)

If you are booking a room only reservation here are the deposit guidelines from

  • You must pay one night's room rate as a deposit within 7 days of reserving your room. (Except when booking online at, in which case the deposit is required at time of booking.)

  • Final payment of the remainder is due at check-in. (Except when booking online at, in which case full payment is required if reserving within 45 days of arrival.)

  • You can change or cancel your reservation without penalty up until 5 days prior to check-in. (6 days for online bookings.)

And if you book a package, the deposit guidelines are as follows:
  • You must pay a $200 deposit within 7 days of reserving your package. (Except when booking online at, in which case the deposit is required at time of booking.)

  • Final payment of the entire remainder is due 45 days prior to check-in. You have to pay in full right away if you are booking less than 45 days in advance.

  • You can change or cancel your reservation without penalty up until 45 days in advance. From 7 to 44 days in advance, there is a cancellation fee of $100. If you cancel 6 days or less in advance, you pay a $200 penalty.

So good luck everyone! I hope you can receive a PIN code for your vacation that you can use!

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