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Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Swagbucks Code Out!

There is a new Swag code out worth $1. It expires 12/9.

You need to go to the main page of

Click on Ways to Earn.

Select special offers.

Click on the No Obligation Offers box.

Notice it says this at the top of that page:
Welcome to Swag Bucks Special Offers. Sign up for the free money-saving offers you like,
feel free to skip the rest, and find a special swag code reward at the end.

Skip all the offers by clicking the skip button beneath the advertisement.

After about 7 pages, there will be a Swag code worth $1.

Enter it on in the Enter a Swag Code box.

Good luck!

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a search engine that awards you in the form of Swagbucks (points that can be traded in for prizes.) You can chose from a variety of prizes including gift cards. My favorite is a $5 gift card. It costs 45 Swagbucks. You get 3 Swagbucks for joining and can win anywhere from 2 - 5 a day if you search until you win in the morning and in the evening. I usually win within my first 5 searches. They also have Swagcodes out at least 5 times a week that can be worth 1 - 3 Swagbucks. I always notify you of them on my blog when they are available.

You can go here to join. I've earned $1,000 in gift cards since May, but I do have a lot of referrals. If you refer someone to Swagbucks, when they win by searching, you win the same amount! It's awesome!

Search & Win


Jennifer said...

Darn, missed this one! I have a question about the amazon cards from Swagbucks. You mentioned in an earlier post that you had $270+ in your account. Is that on Amazon or on swagbucks? I am trying to decide if I want to redeem my points for amazon cards, but do they "stack" or how does that work, since it is only $5.00 at a time? Love your blog and I appreciate the help!

Kristin said...

There a feature on where you can store the gift cards in your account. Just go to Amazon and click on your account and look in the payment box. You'll see a link titled Apply a Gift Certificate. You can apply the code and it will remain in my account until you use it.

Swagbucks only allows you to request 2 gift cards a day. They also only fulfill your gift cards on the 16th and 30th so it's a good idea to go ahead and order Amazon if that's what you want. Plus you never know if they might raise the amount needed to get the card or delete it all together.

Savingabundle said...

Thanks for the hint!

JusFrugal said...

Thanks for the tip... just grabbed mine!

Smits Family said...

confused, I have never gotten swag bucks except by doing searches, so I am trying this. What exactly is it, a code listed amongst the gift carsd you can buy?

Kristin said...

It will say "here is your swag code". Then you enter it on in the Enter a swag code box. Let me know if you have any more questions!

GLENDA said...

I scrolled through the offers and never saw a code. I must be missing something.

When you say "skip the offers" do you mean just go to the next page, then the next etc.?

Any help would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the code. I only had to skip two offers, lucky me :-)
Love you site
Jean in Ca.

Larry said...

I love you blog, I am so excited for that you have reached your goal ahead of schedule. Thank you for sharing all your great deals. I have been unsuccesfull in finding the swagbucks in the offers. Do you have any hints for me.

Anonymous said...

You need to click where it say "try these offer" at the top right of the page...then skip through the offers. You won't miss it at about page 7.

tracy d

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