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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Save up to $15 on G-Force starting 12/15

Walt Disney's G-Force is releasing on Blu-Ray combo pack (includes a Blu-Ray and DVD copy) and DVD on December 15th.

You can print this coupon to save $10 on the Blu-Ray combo pack.
You can pair it with this $5 Blu Ray Target coupon (this is off any Blu-ray movie and has a picture of Transformers on it) for $15 savings.

Target is rumored to have this movie for $19.99 before coupons. You could score it for just $4.99! (Sorry I don't know about any rebates)

We won't know the exact price until Tuesday.


davjaxn said...

Love the site! No matter what I do, I cannot print Target coupons. It goes through like it prints (screen says my coupons have printed) but nothing happens. Printer que doesn't show anything. I use a Mac but am well within the requirements according to the Target site. I have tried three different computers and two different printers. Anyone have ideas? thanks!

Brenda said...

I have gone out to and no matter what zip code I put in I do not see the coupon for G-Force.

Kristin from Couponing to Disney said...

My bad. It is the one that says save $5 on Blu Ray. It has a picture of a different movie on it, but it is for any Blu Ray movie.

Mike said...

Just curious but where did you see $19.99 at Target? My ad shows "Low Price" and this week, that was 22.99. I hope it's $19.99 so just looking for confirmation, might have to grab two at that price!

Anonymous said...

Hello: I went online to target and this is the prices that it said will be listed in stores according to my zip:

G-Force DVD $15.99

G-Force Deluxe DVD $22.99
(stores only)
limit to 5 new releases per customer

this info was found on page 12, click on the gforce movie picture than click on view details.

Where did you see it posted as 19.99 for the bluray disk?



Kristin from Couponing to Disney said...

$19.99 is the rumored price. I changed the wording in the post. The ad online says $22.99 but only when you click it. Will hold out hope that this Disney movie will follow suit with the others and go for $19.99. :)


Anonymous said...

Could you bring the Walmart ad, which offers G-Force for $19.99, to price match at Target, then use the $5 blue ray store coupon and the $10 mft. coupon?

Kristin from Couponing to Disney said...

You could try it, but it might not work. Target's newest update to their policy is that Target coupons can not be used when you price match.

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