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Friday, November 20, 2009

4 A Day 11.20.09


Check out the 4 A Day details here! Sign up for these free samples today:

1. All Wrapped Up In Christmas - Free MP3 from

2. Playtex Sport

3.Oriental Trading 2010 calendar

4. Hellman's Mayonnaise and more! 

Remember you can catch up on the 4 A Day here!

No samples in today's mail.

Be sure to check these other sources for free samples!

BabytobeeYour Healthy Samples


Anonymous said...

This probably isn't the most appropriate place to put this but I thought I'd share anyway:

Bath and Body works has a buy 3 signature collection items and get 3 free. I got three lotions and 3 shower gels for 23 dollars and change with the 10 off 30 coupon you posted. A little less then 4 dollars per bottle. A little less then 8 bucks per set, great Christmas presents!

Also, Target has $1.00 off Nature's Source peelies on all the Nature's Source products! Sure, Nature's Source is a little bit pricey, but $1.00 off makes it more tolerable!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I didn't realize you moderate comments, you don't have to post the comment I just sent (the Nature's Source and Bath and Body works deal). Just post it as a regular post if you so desire, I don't need any credit. Thanks for your blog!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't saying the moderate comments thing as a bad thing! You can even delete the comment you posted! I was actually kind of happy, because I wanted to send that to you as an email, but didn't want to have to open my email (yes, I'm lazy, haha!).

Kristin said...

No no no no no no, you weren't bothering me or annoying me in the least at all what so ever. I just had been meaning to post that information about why I moderate comments and your post reminded me of it. :) I like the other deal you sent in and I am going to post it this morning. I have just been saving it in my comments as a reminder. ;)

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