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Friday, November 20, 2009

A Shocking Confession...........

I have never shopped Black Friday. Yes, I have been to Walmart later in the day on Black Friday, but I have never once gotten up in the wee hours of the morning to go shopping.

Part of the reason is because my poor husband works in retail and he has to work every Black Friday. He has to work 2 am to 12 pm this year. Poor guy.

So a week from today, I will be parked right here in front of the computer bringing you all the latest deals on because they have killer Black Friday sales and you don't have to stand in those long, crazy lines for their deals. In fact, they are starting their deals on Monday and they will run all week (different items). So be sure to check for those next week!

Does anyone have any crazy Black Friday stories to share?


Anonymous said...

I have been doing black Friday since I was a kid and am now 42, or maybe I just turned 43...who is counting. Anyway, this year my plan so far is to be at Old Navy early enough to get in when they open at 3am and from there I am going to Target...Best Buy...and then the day is optional. But those are the have to stops!! I do it now because its a family tradition and not so much that I am looking for that one great deal.

The Brannams said...

I don't have any crazy black friday stories, but i do have a question do you know if any of the stores, such as target, walmart, macys, penneys.. and so on, are goin to have black friday online???.. i knew of some last year, but i haven't caught anything on it this year!!.. i really want to get my husband a crockpot.. as he is dying to make his own soups!!!

Jenny said...

I am the kind of person who does my shopping during the week day because I cannot deal with the crowds and peoples rudeness. I think I am better off saving myself the headache and doing my shopping the following week on say a Wednesday at 1:00pm lol

LCM said...

I figured out that if you head to places like Target around 8am, the crowds are gone and only the most extreme deals are gone. So you can still take advantage of the deals.

Anonymous said...

my sister in law went out for black friday one year and it was still dark, when she finished her shopping it was still very early but light out.she couldnt find her car,she thouhgt it was stolen and called the police, her husband and us to come and get her. when we got there she had found her car 6 rows over.

Anonymous said...

My Husband and I love Black Friday. It's a family tradition for us. We are pretty die hard and will be out early in the morning. I have two strange times. One was at Wal-Mart one year, where we have learned that you don't get carts, they slow you down. Well this year I was trying to get some lego buckets and the whole area was packed. So one guest took it upon himself and just started tossing these rather big tubs of legos out to people. It worked out well in the end. Then one year we were waiting outside in the freezing cold with my two SIL's, who were like 13. And they started to open the doors for Best Buy and we looked behind us and all we saw was people running towards us from way back in the parking lot. They were no longer believing in a line. So I took one girl and my Husband took the other and I got behind a really tall big guy and fought our way into Best Buy. Crazy and insane, but I love it. In a way, I feel kinda like I do at Disney. I feel like all the other people who are out at that time of the morning are just as crazy about Black Friday as I am and I will strike up conversations with total strangers. Just like I do at Disney, because we already have something in common. You really should try it one year.

Frugal Burb Chick said...

Last year my BFF and I waited in line at Toys R Us at 4:30 am...I thought it was hysterical that there were Red Bull Reps handing out 10 calorie Red Bulls. They even had Red Bull backpacks on LOL!! What a way to start my LONG day!!

Anonymous said...

I have never shopped Black Friday either. I get so many good deals throughout the year, I don't bother dealing with the madness. Black Friday is Thanksgiving 2 for my family. We drive out of state to visit my in-laws on Thanksgiving. Then, my family (who live near us) has Thanksgiving for us the next day. I may try to hit Old Navy or Target this year. We live in a large suburban area and I can get to those stores in like two minutes.

Lisa said...

My mom and I are the only ones that go out on Black Friday. We went to Old Navy last year and the lines were SO long. The manager stood up on one of the display tables and led everyone in Christmas carols. I love shopping that early. Almost everyone is in a great mood and we all have something in common--no sleep!

Tabitha said...

I have never been one of the "early birds" on Black Friday. A 7am start is about as early as I've ever cared to get out. But I do enjoy shopping on Black Friday. I haven't gone every year though.

I personally enjoy the sales on the day after Christmas more. I go EVERY year. It's my birthday present to me. :)

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