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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Free Medium Cheese Pizza from Papa Johns with $10 purchase

Papa Johns is offering a free medium cheese pizza for delivery or carryout with coupon PZZAFBFAN and a $10 purchase.

They have 6 meat or 6 cheese large pizzas on sale for $10.99.

For $12.09 we are getting both pizzas for dinner!

I believe this coupon expires tonight.


MSink said...

I just tried it and I didn't have to have a minimum. And it was only $1.50 to add pepperoni

Stevie said...

My store had a 2.99$ minimum, so not too bad!

Jessica said...

I became a fan of papa johns on FB and this is supposed to be with a $10 online order.. "Hey Papa Fans - We appreciate you for being pizza fanatics! Please use the code below to receive a FREE medium cheese pizza with an online purchase of $10 redeemable on 11/16/09 though 11/19/09 (online only). Promo code: PZZAFBFAN" It's really working without buying anything?

Anonymous said...

Do you know how long this deal will last?

I was going to order for delivery, but we'll wait till tomorrow night. I did see how much it would be for delivery though and it was 2.12 after tax and delivery cost.. but you do have to have a $10 minimum order for delivery!

Farrah said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm. Papa John's is the best! Thank you!

Beth Anne said...

:( minimum order of $10 - even for carry out!

Anonymous said...

Minimum of $4.99 :(

Anonymous said...

How does the coupon come off? I put it in the "codes" box and it said Free Med. Cheese Pizza but then at the end it did not take it off.

joanna said...

Did not work for me either as carry out or delivery - it said
"The total price of the items in your shopping cart is under the minimum dollar amount of $10.00 for Carryout. Please add some items." :( No free Pizza for me

Dana said...

Mine is a $10 order too I'm in Tallahassee FL

Janet said...

$10 min. order in Richmond, VA.


Anonymous said...

$10 min for me too. Austin TX

Anonymous said...

Did this last night! Had to have a minimum of $10 in the cart. So we had cheese pizza (FREE), chicken strips ($6.49), 2-20oz bottles of mtn dew ($3.18). Total was $10.47 with tax!!!

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