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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Not to be a broken record but....

Did you order your free photo Christmas cards and address labels yet? Originally the deal was set to end on November 30th, then they changed it to November 22nd, now it's back to November 30th but there is no telling if it's going to last that long or not. I would order sooner rather than later!

I've never seen a deal this good in my 5 plus years of being a smart shopper. The best photo greeting card deal I got prior to this was 10 cards for $3.99. TEN! This is 50 for free (no shipping!). Go here for the details and to get started.

When do most people mail their cards? I try to have mine mailed around December 1st.


Lisa said...

hey! so I ordered these 2 times--one with the first code that wasn't supposed to work--mine did--so, now I have 100 of them! They do look awesome and come super daughter is going to put our cute address labels (from Vistaprint) on the envelope tomorrow!! Thanks for all you do! My husband has been out of a job since March and we're able to do the extras b/c of things I've learned on your site and others!!

Jen said...

thanks for the reminder - i am ordering new years cards

Trisha said...

I ordered mine and they're on there way! Thank you SOOOO much! I love your site!

Queen of the Misfits said...

My cards came today! LOVE THEM! Thanks for the info!!

Cindy said...

I love my cards, i sent you an email to your gmail account sharing it with you! Thanks a bunch.

Anonymous said...

not working:(

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