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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Don't Forget - 140 Free Christmas Address Labels

My labels arrived about 10 days after I ordered them. If you think you might want these for Christmas cards, order soon! Also you do not HAVE to put Santa hats on them. You could leave the hats off and use them year round!

Get 140 personalized adhesive address labels free from Vistaprint (just pay $3.06 shipping). Choose hair color, eye color, nose shape, mouth shape, skin color (even freckles) and more for each family member - including pets!

Click on address labels and then select the label with the family on it. It will then take you to a window to pick the family members you want for you labels!

Here is the one I created:
I have already received them and I am really happy with them! They are going to look great on the free Christmas cards I made!

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