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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Smart Shopping Week 2

Last week I shared my Smart Shopping series here. This week I am teaching on how to shop at Walmart, Target and CVS. If you have any questions, email me! I'm glad to answer them.

Part 6

Smart Shopping at Walmart

Smart Shopping at Target

Note: I had to delete the second part of this video, I will rerecord it soon.

Smart Shopping at CVS part 1

Smart Shopping at CVS part 2

Note: My daughter got out of bed between parts 2 and 3. ;)

Smart Shopping at CVS part 3

Smart Shopping at CVS part 4


wende said...

i just want to say THANK YOU!!! for putting this into video! it has helped so much and this is my fav coupon blog!!! i will be posting a link to your site on my blog where i've been keeping track of my couponing lately! keep up the great work!

Liann said...

THank you for doing these awesome videos....i have been couponing here and there but after seeing your videos and blog it so awesome i am cutting and saving away....

Anonymous said...

Wow what you are doing is great. It has been such a big help to me so far. Keep up the good work.
Jean in Ca.

Anonymous said...

I want to thank you. I just got back into using coupons and a friend at work told me about the website. The videos really explains things people don't tell you.

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