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Friday, December 04, 2009

McDonald's Arch Cards Earn You 5% In Upromise

If you link your Arch Card to your Upromise account, you can earn a % of the purchase in your Upromise account. (Details on Upromise here.)

But in the month of December you earn 5% in your Upromise account for purchases at McDonalds! Just load money onto your Arch card and then use it to pay and it will automatically load in your Upromise account!

Also while I have your ear, McDonald's has a 4 pack of chicken nuggets on their menu for $1. Their small fries are $1. And their small soda is $1. So for $3, you get all the food that is in a Happy Meal. For $3.49, you could of bought a Happy Meal. We rarely buy happy meals now. Also a 6 pack of nuggets is like $2.49 while you could get 2 4 packs for $2.

Get more details on Upromise here.

(Thanks Amy!)


Laura said...

Oh I love the trickery that is fast food chicken nuggets... I noticed the same thing when I was working @ BK during high school...

freebies4me said...

I am having a drawing for a $5 Arch Card on my blog. Just subscribe and I will put you in the drawing. End 12/21/09.

Sara M. said...

At the McDonald's around here (Dayton, OH area), they also give you a holiday coupon book for free with ANY Arch card purchase.

r4i software said...

Like the greatest pop voices, McDonald's has a built-in emotional throb.

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