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Friday, December 04, 2009

4 and 5 A Days -- I've been slacking!

I have 2 daily features on my blog called 4 and 5 A Day. I got a phone call from my mother earlier today asking me why I hadn't posted them in a while. Well the truth is, I haven't had time! I always do them as well and because of the holiday deals, I haven't had a chance. But I hate that my readers are suffering from my lack of time. I wanted you to know that starting Monday, these 2 daily features will be back!


4 A Day is at least 4 freebies/samples for you to sign up and request. Remember freebies often have coupons in them!
(This is Mickey's mailbox from Disneyland)


5 A Day is 5 companies that I list for you to email. Contacting the companies directly is a great resource for coupons that is often overlooked. This feature makes it easy on you to email the companies because I link you directly to their contact page.

So anyways, I apologize for slacking on these features. Be sure to look for them on Monday!

Sorry guys!


Lisa K said...

Yea! I am looking forward to 5 a day. Thanks for all your saving knowledge, information and inspiration.

Anonymous said...

thank you for 4 a day and 5 a day. i look forward to getting my mail now. i cant wait to see what i get.

christy said...

Don't feel bad! You have been doing an awesome job with posting all the deals lately. I have scored some great gifts with the cyber Monday deals you posted.

I emailed some of the companies that you had on your list, but I also took your idea and emailed a few of the companies that we buy their products faithfully and was honest but personal (like you suggested) and from the 5 or so that I emailed, I received a coupon for a bottle of free marzetti dressing, .50 off printable from hostess.

I really like the 5 a day concept and I look forward to the new ones you are adding! :)

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