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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Surprise In The Mailbox

Earlier this month, my daughter (she's 5) wrote Santa her very first letter (that she wrote herself). We addressed it and mailed it to Santa.

Today, she got a reply! We weren't expecting a reply. It's in a festive envelope and it's a really nice letter from Santa himself telling her how proud he is of her and how one of his elves told him what she wanted (which was awesome because we are doing Elf on the Shelf). She is on Cloud 9!

This letter was from our local post office, I just thought it was so nice and wonderful of them to do such a thing!


katie_joevans said...

That is great! how nice of them :) Its people who take the time to do things like this that make Christmas such a special time!

mami said...

Oh my goodness, I think it that is so wonderful. Your daughter will remember this for the rest of her life. Its good karma for you and your family for all your help for sure.

Carol said...

wow lady - this made me cry - hah!!! i am so emotional these days. lotsa reasons.

i am so happy for you folks.

Jenny said...

What a magical memory for your daughter and whole family! I love your website! Merry Christmas :)

Anonymous said...

That is really special. I will tell ya a secret. They did a special on this the other night that the post office's across the US were going to stop doing this and that there is a place in Alaska that actually said they would cover it and would write all the return letters... Amazing people... Going to do it next year with the kids.

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