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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Couponing To Disney


My goal is to save enough money by bargain shopping to take my family to Disney again. We went for 10 days (8 days in the parks) in May 2009 and had the time of our lives. We want to go again, but we want to do it without setting aside any money out of the budget. We don't want to feel the pinch of a Disney vacation.

I decided to challenge myself to see if I can save approximately $2200 in 51 weeks for our vacation. This blog chronicles my efforts as well as teaches you how I am doing it. You can chose to save your money for Disney, other vacations, other pleasures or anything in the world. The resources are out there. You just have got to know how to apply them to your life.

Here are the main ways I am saving the money:

  • Selling Items Around The House
Since I started saving for Disney, I have saved approximately $239. (As this amount increases, I add it to the right side of my blog.) I have lots of pending money (rebates coming in the mail, survey money that hasn't reached it cash out minimum yet, Paypal that I haven't cashed out, etc) that I will be adding to the funds in the next few weeks as it starts to arrive.

I opened up a separate savings account at the bank just for the Disney fund. The banker was so excited to learn about my efforts. My kids can't wait to return to Disney. They are helping me save too.

My husband gets paid every other Thursday. I allow us $150 every week. This money is for groceries, out to eat, entertainment, every item that we might need, every outing we might go on, etc. etc. comes out of this money. I get cash from the bank and I only break dollar bills. All coins go towards our trip.

Every Thursday, before we go to the bank to get the weeks allowance out and deposit whatever Disney funds we have accumulated over the week, my kids help me count out our coins and deposit them into their piggy banks. Here are my cuties helping us to save:


Whenever I add to the Disney fund, I post about it on the blog and I tell you where the money came from so you can take advantage of it as well. So keep an eye out for those posts! You can find my past post here! I have so much to teach everyone and I am thrilled to answer any and every question you have so don't be afraid to email me or comment on my blog.



Jaykada said...

Where did you get the piggy banks? Did you write their names on them or were they customized?


Kristin said...

They were customized at a local shop, but you can buy the piggy banks at Michaels and customize them yourself.

T. said...

Hi Kristin! I'd like to know how your budget of $2200 breaks down. I see in the side bar it shows $1800, either way, can you tell me how this breaks down?

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