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Monday, July 20, 2009

Deposit to the Disney Fund


I found quite a bit of money today!

1. I miscounted the money left in the weekly budget and thought I had $40 but I actually had $60. I decided to add this $20 to the Disney budget since it was already spent in my mind.

2. I went through our 2009 Disney trip souvineers because I remembered I had a little bit left on a gift card. Found a change purse full of coins we had packed for the penny press and the laundry. $12

3. I got a check for $6.60 from Opinion Outpost.

4. I found $1 in the dryer!

5. I called for the balance on the gift card and it had $28.64! We had bought a lot of gift cards while we were down there for our spending money.

Total: $68.24!

Photobucket $68.24 added to the Disney fund! Photobucket


Mariah said...

Wow - that is awesome!! You are so inspiring to me...we are also planning a trip to Disney and have to plan well ahead to cover the cost. We're going in December 2010. So far I only have around $21 saved...but we have a long way to go and you are giving me awesome ideas to help towards our goal! Thanks!!

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