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Monday, November 30, 2009

140 custom teacher labels for just $3.34! Perfect Teacher Gift!!

I wanted to make something unique for my daughter's teacher for Christmas, but I didn't want it to be too expensive. I got 140 of the labels for just $3.34! She is going to love them!!

To get started, go here.

Click on Return Address labels (it's the second item in the second column in the center of the page)

A pop up box will appear. Under the Browse by Industry drop down box, select Education.

Then browse that page to select the design you like the best.

Shipping is just $3.04 - $3.34 depending on the speed you select.

You can see the customized To and From labels I made here and the caricature labels I made here.


Spectacular Savings said...

I LOVE this idea! As a former teacher, I would have loved this as a gift!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great idea!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for this GREAT idea! I am the room mom for my son's class and wanted to come up with a little something special to include with the gift card and this will be just perfect! Thanks!!

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