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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today's plans

I have my last class at the library today and after that, my husband and I are going to Cracker Barrel to use our $5/$20.

Here's the deal on that:
Cracker Barrel - Sign up for Front Porch Friends and receive a coupon for $5/$20. (This coupon is available to you about 48 - 72 hours after you sign up and doesn't expire until 3.31.10)

I haven't eaten at Cracker Barrel in ages!

I also bribed my wonderful husband to run errands for me this afternoon by buying him Madden 2010 for the Wii from with my Swagbucks gift cards. My real motivation was because he's been playing his Madden 2004 game on the Xbox for ages and it's time to get him something nice because he works so hard. He works retail and the next 6 weeks are going to be hard on his nerves, so at least this way he can have a fun way to relax.

So I'll be back around Noon CST today. I hope you take this time to catch up on everything I posted yesterday. 35 posts! I bet my Facebook fans were tired of seeing Tinker Bell pop up on their wall. ;)


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Trinette said...

i look forward to your post! i love seeing how and where you save. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

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