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Thursday, November 19, 2009

5 A Day Sample Emails

I get a lot of emails and comments asking me what I say to the companies when I email. I've given pointers already here, but I thought I'd post a few sample emails.

Complimenting Minnie's Magical Muffin Mix
I wanted to just take a moment of my time to write to you today and tell you how much my family loves your Minnie's Magical Muffin Mix especially the Pluto Pineapple flavor. When I serve your muffins at my breakfast table, my whole family raves about how sweet and delicious they are. Thank you so much for making a great product that enables my family and I to make great memories around the breakfast table every Saturday. Thank you for your time.

(Ok I know it's a little sappy, but that's what works. Get as personal as you can about the product and tell them how much their product means to you.)

Complaint about Daisy's Danishes
I recently noticed your product on the shelf and decided I would give it a try. I was so disappointed when I served your product during my weekly tea with my Disney World Lover's Club and realized that the product was stale! Somehow the packaging had become unsealed before I went to open it myself. I was so disappointed and embarrassed. I'm not sure if I will try your product again in the future after this incident. Thank you for your time.

(See how I provided the information concerning the incident and my hesitation to try the product again? I never flat out asked for coupons. I just give them honest feedback and let the chips fall where they may. Also if you have an issue with a product, save the packaging so you can provide the company with the batch numbers off the packaging so they can investigate the incident.)

I hope that helps you guys!


Stephanie said...

Do you put your address at the bottom of the email or do they normally email you back asking for your information? Thanks!

Kristin said...

Yes if I am emailing them directly I do. Most have forms you fill out though.

Anonymous said...

I just tried this yesterday for the first time and already heard from all three companies. They each said they are sending coupons in the mail. Fun!

JRSMOM said...

I got more coupons in the mail today:

3 .50ct cpns for any Pepperidge Farm product

I have gotten great coupons from all the companies I have contacted.

Anonymous said...

I just sent out my very first email today. Am excited to see if I get a response. Thanks, will keep you updated on how I do.

Anonymous said...

So I got a response back already from my email this morning to Stouffer's for their french bread pizza. They just replied back and said thank you for my generous words. Oh well better luck on my next email.

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