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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Up Updates (haha!)


It is being reported that the Up Blu-ray 4 disk at Target is scanning $19.99. So you only need to price match Monsters Inc in the Best Buy ad for $18.99. However, some stores are not allowing the price matching or they are refusing the Target printable (when you do price match). It's really one of those 'you might get it or you might not' deals. I wish it was different. I wish all Targets were the same instead of them making up their policy as they go.

However, here is a new scenario for you with the $19.99 shelf price:

  • $19.99 for Up Blu-ray (Target shelf price)
    $18.99 for Monsters Inc Blu-ray at Best Buy
    - $8 off Monsters Inc printable coupon here
    - $10 Up printable coupon 
  • - $10/2 Target printable coupon
    $10.98 for both DVDs

    Then submit for both of the $5 rebates! (see list here) Total is 98c for both movies!! (Plus you could use your reusable bag and save an additional 5c.

    OR if you can't get the price match at Best Buy or don't want to try:

    $19.99 for Up Blu-ray (Target shelf price)
    $26.99 for Monsters Inc Blu-ray (Target shelf price)
    - $8 off Monsters Inc printable coupon here
    - $10 Up printable coupon (no longer available)
    - $10/2 Target printable coupon
    $18.98 for both DVDs

    Then submit for both of the $5 rebates! (see list here)

    Total is $8.98 for both movies!! (Plus you could use your reusable bag and save an additional 5c.)

Since the 4 disc Up Blu-ray combo is ringing up $19.99 at Target, you could do this deal for just Up movie.
  • Up 4 disc Blu-ray -- $19.99
    Use $10 printable coupon
    Total: $9.99
    Submit for both of the $5 rebates (see list here)
    Total: - 6c (if you used a reusable shopping bag)


It is reported that the signs in front of the Up 4 disc Blu-ray at Walmart say $29.96, however it is ringing up $19.96 at the register. So don't be discouraged. Make sure you have them scan the movie!
  • See the Walmart deal in full here.


Anne said...

I wanted to do this deal, but my Target was out of Monsters Inc on blu-ray. I had them call around and not a SINGLE Target near me has any left! So if your Target is out of the way, you might want to call in advance. It wasn't such a big loss for me - I already have Monsters Inc on DVD and I was able to snag Up at WalMart.

Sally said...

I went to Target today for this deal with the three coupons in hand. UP rang up at $19.99, Monster’s Inc. rang up at $16.99 (both prices with a note indicating savings), then the $10 manf coupon and $8 manf coupon were both subtracted giving me a total of $18.98 plus tax. The clerk scanned the Target $10 coupon but it rang up at $0.00 off. The manager had already confirmed that I could use all three coupons so he rescanned the Target coupon and refunded me $10.00. So I only paid $8.98 for both DVDs. If I’m able to complete the rebates, it’s possible that I will have gotten both for free.

Lynn said...

If you join Disney Moview Rewards you can also get a FREE Kevin Stuffed animal by mail with UP!
you do have to pay shipping but if someone really liked it

Anonymous said...

My Target was horrible! The UP did ring up at $19.99 but they refused to price match with Best Buy. The girl at customer service said that they do not price match when it says buy this and get that so I asked to speak to customer service on the phone. They told me they don't price match anything! What an idiot! I of course, forgot my price matching policy print out so I paid the $21 total (after tax) and I will be calling customer service again and making sure someone fixes this! I HATE that employees do not know their own policies. I then went to the register to do my own coupon deals and had to speak with a manager regarding travel size items I purchased with a coupon that said any size. It really bothers me that each person can tell you something different and they all swear it is the truth. GEEZ


awest said...

This is an email I got this afternoon. I am going to print it this afternoon to take with me shopping :)

Dear Mandy West,

Thanks for taking the time to ask us about using coupons with our Low Price Promise Ad Match.

We do accept the manufacturer coupon and/or Target coupon to be used with the Low Price Promise Ad Match for a further price reduction. The coupon would need to be presented at time of check out at the register/POS and not given at the Guest Service counter.

We look forward to showing you what's new at Target.


Target Guest Relations
(800) 440-0680

Jenae said...

I threw my Best Buy Ad out already...can I print it off the internet and it still be legitimate?

Kristin said...

I don't think so Jenae. I think it has to be the paper ad. You could probably get one at Best Buy though. :(

Tami said...

I did this today and my Target has the regular DVD's (I don't have Blu-Ray) for $15.98. So mine was $5.98 plus I had my $5 gift card from a recent Glade Coupon Deal, so I paid $2.98. :) After my rebate, I will make a couple bucks. Yay! Thanks for this!!!

Anonymous said...

Tami - How did you get $10 off the regular DVD at Target? The $10 coupon that I see is for the 4-Disc combo pack only.

Ashley said...

I called and mMy Target said that the Blu-Ray as $26.99, but I don't know if the gentleman price checked it or just looked at the store signage. I guess I'll find out for sure when I go tomorrow to buy it.

By the way, if the coupons for Blu-Ray, how did it still work if you bought the regular DVD?

Beth J said...

I printed off the coupon for the Up movie and it says it's only good for the Blu-Ray....I'm sure it would ring up if I only wanted to get the DVD, but is that right? Is there a coupon for Blu-Ray OR DVD??

Connie said...

Y'all are lucky. I did this deal at Target yesterday. The sign said UP was $26.99 so I scanned it at a self-scanner just to check and it still rang up at that price. It was still a good deal so I took UP & Monsters to the customer service desk to do the price match. They took all 3 coupons no problem. I wish they had been ringing up at $19.99 though, but our prices are always higher here.

Anonymous said...

I want to know how you got 10 off a reg DVD too? I don't have blue ray either. Thanks ahead of time.

Kristin said...

The coupon is just good for the Blu-Ray but the Blu-ray set contains a copy of the movie on DVD. :)

Cyan said...

I tried this last night at the Target here is TX and both movies were marked as 26.99 not 19.99. Still a good deal, but I was SO disappointed!

Debbi Smith said...

My Walmart had the regular DVD UP for $15.97 and they took the coupon with no problem. Nice deal, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I bought the regular DVD at Target today for $15.99, and it comes with 4 proofs of purchase - so I can use all three rebates and it'll only cost me about $2!

Whitney said...

[Debbi] was the regular DVD you purchased a special packaging or just the single disc edition?

Anonymous said...

This is a great deal, but no one is mentioning that you really can't get the DVD's for free because in order to use the rebate coupons, you have to buy other products (Kernal Seasonings for example). I was able to get UP, Monsters Inc, pasta, and 2 kernal seasonings products for about $9 (including tax) after all my coupons and rebates. UP was $19.99 and Monster's Inc. was $18.99 (my Target price-matched Best Buy thank goodness).

Anonymous said...

My Target would NOT price match a web print out of the Best Buy add. They also would NOT accept both the Target coupon AND the manufacturer coupon, because apparently the fine print on the manufacturer coupon says it cannot be combined with other offers. :( Apparently I live near the worst Target in America!

Mom of Pixies said...

A Target I went to said that too. I called customer service ( (800) 440-0680 ) and they called the store for me and set them straight.

As far as the manufacturer coupons, Target's policy is you can stack one Manufacturer coupon with one Target coupon for each item you are purchasing.Since the Target coupon is for both movies you are good to go with the 3 coupons.

That poor Target got me on the wrong day - I don't think the manager thought I would actually call Corporate - but someone had to explain you can use 2 diff manufacturer's coupons for 2 diff products and that "Do Not Double" had nothing to do with this scenario.

Anonymous said...

I had a little problem also trying to use a manufacturers coupon on top of a Target coupon. The nice boy tried the Target coupon first and it would not work even by itself. Then he tried the manufacturers coupon and it workded. Then, he tried the Target coupon again and It didn't work again. He told me at that time it wasn't working because it is not supposed to work with another coupon. I told him how did he know it wouldn't work with another coupon because when he tried it the first time without the man. coupon it didn't work. I told him that I CAN use it becasue corp. said that I could. He said ok I'll just do it manually then. It suddenly worked. So, It can be done we just have to work for it.

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