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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Deposit to the Disney Fund 12.12.09

I have another nice sized deposit to make to the Disney fund.
$110 from My Survey

* This is mainly from referrals from my wonderful, incredible, amazing readers signing up for My Survey. You guys are funding my Disney trip and I appreciate it more than you can imagine! 

Total: $110 added to the Disney fund! $1917.51 cash saved since June 1st!

See all of my previous deposits here.


Suzie said...

Im new to couponing, but I just wanted to say you have inspired me. I signed up for the my survey and other things and DH and I are taking our extra money here and their and putting it back and we plan to visit Disney World with our 3 kiddos in a year or two!

Anonymous said...

wow Great deposit.
I just got back from 2 days at Disney and really did not enjoy it. It was too crowded. If felt like a sardine in a can with all the people pressed up against me.
How do you deal with all the crowds and enjoy it??
Do you go during an off season, if one really exists?
Please comment as I would really like to know. I only live like 3 1/2 hours from disney but will not be going anytime soon unless its less busy.

Kristin from Couponing to Disney said...


You have to know the secrets. I went when it was super busy and the longest line we had was 10 minutes because I knew when to ride what, what park to go to on what day, etc etc. Starting in January I am going to be really concentrating on planning for Disney and sharing my tips etc with everyone, so be sure to look for that.

There is so much more I want to say so in January, start looking for articles, etc about this from me. :)

Feel free to email me anytime. I'd love to hear more about your trip.


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