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Saturday, October 10, 2009


I am so excited about this deposit! I wanted to share one of my favorite pictures from our May 2009 trip with you for it. Yep! That is my daughter dancing with Prince Charming on her 5th birthday. You can't get any more magical than that!

So here goes...

I've had quite a few rebate checks roll in over the past 2 weeks. I've just set them to the side until I had enough to make this post.

I have $100 to add to my Disney Fund. That makes my total saved in 4 months....

$1049.54 and not one penny has come from our paychecks!

Make sure you read How I Save if you are interested!


Mrs. Buys More and Mr. Saves A. Lot said...

AWESOME!!!! WTG! Can I go with you? lol!

Holly said...

So, proud!!!! That is awesome.

Cindy B said...

That is great! I am going to try to do this with our trips. We just got back from WDW and the dinner at 1900 park fare was one of my faves. My 8yo Autistic son picked the restaurant and when it came time for the waltz, she picked him and he got up there and danced with her. I cried!! That was a big step for him, and he let her kiss him on teh cheek. What special memories that place leaves in your heart!

Kristin said...

Cindy that is so amazing for you! I absolutely love Disney and I just can't wait to go back!!

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